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Royal Tropics, Inc. The company was founded by Peter Allen in 1997 in Hilo, Hawaii.

Peter Allen started processing products made out of Green Papaya in 1983 with the inventor of the concept of using Green Papaya as a product that could be used in many products that would be beneficial for better digestion. Dr. Kurt Kossel started working with Green Papaya back in 1940. We met in Maui Hawaii in 1982, and I worked with him for 3 years. I never forgot his vision so in 1997 I founded Royal Tropics.

Royal Tropics has been producing products from Green Papaya ever since. Since we started in Hawaii we have since moved our processing plant to Thailand where we have a processing plant on 60 acres as well as a farm that grows different tropical fruits. Our processing plant is certified COR and EU organic. We hope you enjoy our products. Remember Papaya is called the WONDER FRUIT.

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