Can Heart Patients and Diabetics Use Papaya?

Papaya is known to be one of the world’s super fruits. It is used in a range of medicinal settings to cure all sorts of ailments. However, if a person has an underlying medical condition, it is always best to check with medical professionals to see whether there are any fruits, vegetables or other products that should be avoided. Many people are interested in the papaya health benefits, but it does have potential side effects. For instance, very few realize that papaya can lead to spontaneous abortion and should hence be avoided at all costs by pregnant women.

Why is Papaya So Good for Your Health?

Papaya contains a very potent enzyme known as papain. This enzyme is what leads papaya to have so many benefits. Papaya enzyme benefits include a range of internal applications, mainly digestion, but it is also used externally on the skin to treat stings, burns and cuts. It also makes a great ingredient as a skin mask, although it can only be used for a short period of time because it can dry the skin out. Many of the benefits of papain have been medically tested, so it is not surprising that people turn to papaya to keep their health in top shape.

Papaya and Heart Patients

So can heart patients use papaya? There is something to be said for it, as papaya has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years as a heart tonic. However, papaya is very high in Vitamin K and Vitamin K counters the work of aspirin. Because many heart patients use aspirin, they should only consume papaya in very small amounts. It is best to speak to your medical practitioner about using papaya if you do have a heart condition and take any medication for your condition that contains aspirin.

Papaya and Diabetics

Diabetics often turn to papaya because it is known to bring down sugar levels. This is one of the many benefits of papaya. Diabetics should always consume foods such as leafy vegetables, oranges, karela (bitter gourd), lentils and vegetables that have not had their skin or strings removed. Other foods that should be consumed include whole grain cereals, pulses, bran, guar gum (for cluster beans) in moderation and sprouted mung.

Lastly, papaya should also be consumed.
There are some foods that diabetics are not allowed to consume. These include:
• Sugar
• Glucose
• Sweets
• Honey
• Jaggery
• Pastries
• Ice cream
• Jam
• Cake
• Jelly
• Canned fruit juice
• Squash
• Chocolate
• Sugarcane Juice
• Aerated waters (except soda)
• Bourn vita

Clearly, papaya is not on the list of foods to avoid, nor does it contain anything that is on the list of foods to avoid. However, particularly if you are considering consuming papaya in larger quantities or specifically for one of the papaya health benefits, it is always best to first discuss this with your medical practitioner. After all, you may have other underlying medical conditions, or perhaps you are taking medication that changes the list of prohibited foods you can and cannot consume.

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