Consuming Pineapples Can Heal Your Digestion

Your health starts in your digestive tract. If you don’t have a healthy digestive system, your body won’t be able to properly absorb all of the vital nutrients it needs from the foods you consume, nor will it be able to get rid of toxins that have accumulated in the body or that you have ingested with your food. Also, your immune system is largely based in your gut, as it is one of the first lines of defence from pathogens that enter your system, so an unhealthy digestive tract means that you are probably more likely to get sick more often.

If you have an unhealthy gut, the rest of your body will suffer. Therefore, it is so very important to keep your body’s digestive system performing optimally. One easy way to do so is by consuming enzymes. Put simply, there are a variety of different enzymes that your body utilizes to digest everything from proteins to fats and carbohydrates. Eating raw foods, particularly raw fruits and vegetables, supplements your body’s stores of live enzymes, giving your body that extra boost it needs to really digest the food you eat properly and get rid of wastes efficiently.

Do the Enzymes in Fruit Really Work?

For a long time, scientists thought that the enzymes found in fruits like pineapples were not really as effective as we would want them to be. Bromelain, for example, which is an enzyme found in abundance in pineapples, was thought to travel through the digestive tract without making much of an impact. Scientists thought that gastric acidity would kill off the enzyme before the body could utilize it.
But new research, albeit involving mice and not humans, conducted by Duke scientists proves that bromelain is actually able to make it all the way to the colon intact. There, it can prevent conditions such as ulcerative colitis by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent.

The Benefits of Other Fruit Enzymes

This new research is making scientists rethink their stance on the benefits of fruit enzymes in the human body. If the bromelain in pineapples can heal, then the papain in papayas and the actinidin in kiwis probably have their own amazing health benefits as well.
Dole is actually working with scientists to learn more about fruit enzymes. They are looking into where these enzymes are found in a variety of fruits so that they can tell consumers where the most health benefits lie. For example, bromelain is mostly found in the fleshy part of the pineapple, which is the part humans can consume. On the other hand, a papaya’s enzymes are concentrated more in the skin of the fruit rather than in the flesh.

Researchers aren't sure why different fruits distribute and store their enzymes differently, but they are working hard to find out.
In the meantime, consuming enough fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic if possible, can drastically aid your digestive system. And if certain enzymes don’t make it, these foods are still rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants anyway.

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