Green Papaya is High in Potassium

Potassium is an essential nutrient in our diet. It enables muscles to function properly, and also enables impulses in the nerves to be transmitted effectively. Very few people have a potassium deficiency however people who suffer from urinary tract infections or prolonged diarrhoea and vomiting may find that they do. Whether your potassium intake is adequate or not it can still be beneficial to up the amount of potassium that you take in. This is particularly true for people who are already have or are at risk of developing high blood pressure. One potassium rich food that is extremely beneficial for a variety of reasons is papaya.

Buy Green Papaya Supplements from Papaya Digestions

Papaya is a super fruit and has numerous benefits attached to it. Not only can it help people who are suffering from high blood pressure but it can also help people who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and people who are trying to lose weight. If you want to try papaya for yourself your best option is to take it in either powder or capsule form unless you can obtain ripe papayas locally. We stock a variety of products that you may want to try including:

• Green papaya capsules
• Green papaya powder
• Green papaya powder, pineapple enhanced with bromelain

You can buy each of these products in different quantities, meaning you will have the opportunity to try the products for a short period of time first if you want to. In our store, we are able to offer you both capsules and powder, to allow for personal preferences.

Potassium in Food

Most vegetables and fruits are classed as food with potassium. However, some have higher levels of potassium than others. If you are wondering what food is rich in potassium, a list of food that contains potassium includes:

• Fruits: apricots, raisins, avocado, prunes, bananas, pomegranates, cantaloupes, papayas, dates, oranges, dried fruits, nectarines, figs, mangoes, grapefruits, kiwis, honeydew melons.
• Vegetables: tomatoes, spinach, artichokes, sqaush, beans, mushrooms, parsnips, white potatoes, lentils and so on.
• Other foods: granola, bran products, chocolate, broth, yoghurt, tobacco, molasses, milk, peanut butter and so on.

Following a potassium rich food diet should only be done under close supervision from your medical professional. This is because food that is high in potassium can have a significant impact on blood pressure, which is something that you should always be careful of. Foods that have potassium do not need to be consumed in moderation, but you do need to be careful if you choose to only consume potassium rich food.

At Papaya Digestion, we will be able to provide you with natural health supplements that are able to regulate the amount of potassium in your body. Because of the papain enzymes found in our products, any toxins are broken down which ensures good digestion. Papain has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, as both an ointment and a tonic. This is because it has long been proven to cure a range of ailments as well as helping with problems of the blood. In addition papain and bromelain work as anticoagulants, meaning they thin the blood. This is, of course, excellent for those with high blood pressure.

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