How Is The Papaya Fruit Good For The Body?

Papaya is one of the world’s super fruits. This is because it contains so many vitamins, minerals and enzymes that it can provide a body with all the nutrition it needs. Besides being nutritious, there is also a strong link between papaya and health. When it comes to papaya health benefits are tremendous, as we will try to review.

Papaya as a Fruit

When eating papaya health is restored no matter which part of the fruit you use. The flesh, flowers, leaves, skin and seeds are all used in a variety of different settings. Papaya has an odd oblong shape and is usually a greenish yellow color when it’s not ripe, turning to an orange yellow color over time. The tree on which the fruit grows is very tall. It grows mainly in areas with high humidity and heat, including those in Central America, Mexico, African countries, Thailand and Australia.

Papaya Health Benefits

Papaya health benefits are countless. The fruit has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. Since around 1977, scientific studies have been conducted to harness the benefits of papaya in modern medicine as well. It is known to aid digestion, but some even go so far as saying it can be used to treat cancer or at the very least reduce some of the side effects of cancer treatment. Further studies do need to be conducted.
One of the more interesting scientific tests was conducted in 1977, when a patient recovering from a kidney transplant had an infection that was not responding to medication. Strips of papaya were placed on the infection, which cleared up within 48 hours.


The benefits of papaya stem mainly from papain. Papain is the most active enzyme in papaya and is responsible for all the benefits that are associated with papaya. Papaya enzyme benefits include:
• Improved digestion
• Pain relief from stings (nettles, jellyfish, etc…)
• Rejuvenated skin
• Relief from infections
One of the most popular uses of the papain enzyme is to aid digestion. In fact, because it improves digestion so much, papaya extracts are often used to aid weight loss as well. However, in using it for weight loss, people have found they feel less bloated and have less indigestion.

Side Effects and Things to Watch Out For

As stated, the papaya enzyme benefits are tremendous. Before you start buying huge quantities of papaya, however, it is important to know that there are side effects. As with every product, allergies can exist, so it is important to speak to your medical professional first to check whether or not you have an allergy. One of the more worrying side effects of papain is that it is believed to bring on spontaneous abortion. It has been used in Asia and West African countries for this purpose for many years, either as an internal ointment or even just by eating papaya. Hence, if you are pregnant, it may be best not to consume any papaya for nine months.

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