Papaya Nutritional Products

Papaya is said to be one of the main super fruits and for good reason! The digestive benefits of the papaya fruit are amazing, so much so that many people use it as an aid towards weight loss. Did you know that the tree on which papayas grow is actually a herb and not a tree? However, if we do go along with this and call a papaya a herb, we should also say that it is certainly one of the tastiest herbs around.

The flavour of papaya is a combination between melons and peaches, so you can imagine how tasty it is. However, the really tasty papayas are those that are picked ripe straight from a tree, which can be hard to find in the Western world. Luckily, papaya supplements are available from a range of stores, including the Papaya Digestion store, where you can find a range of papaya nutritional products in both capsule and powder form.

The Fat Burning Benefits Provided by Papaya

Papaya is an incredibly nutritious fruit, as it contains many vitamins, including A and C, as well as potassium, folate and fibres. Furthermore, there are very little calories in it, no fat at all and no cholesterol. The main benefit of papaya nutrition, however, is the aid it gives to the digestive system. This is due to the enzyme called papain which is found in the fruit. This enzyme breaks down fats, proteins and starches in addition to cleaning out the digestive system.

When you buy supplements from Papaya Digestion, you will receive a super concentrated dose of papain; some of our products are even enriched with bromelain, to help you to get the most benefit out of these enzymes.

Papaya Nutritional Benefits

Besides the vitamins and other minerals already mentioned there are a number of nutrition facts papaya that should be mentioned. Papaya also contains vitamin E, lutein, lycopene and zeaxanthin. Scientists throughout the world believe that papaya should be on everybody’s diet list because of the papaya nutrition facts listed above.

When thinking of vitamin C, most people immediately think of oranges. Of course, oranges are high in vitamin C but did you know that papaya contains 30% more of this vitamin than oranges? This means that they are even more beneficial than oranges when it comes to improving the immune system and preventing colds and flus.

Eating Papaya

You can choose to buy papaya from supermarkets or health stores and enjoy it on its own or as part of a fruit salad. However, these papayas are imported, meaning they were picked when they were not quite ripe. Unless you live in an area where papaya grows naturally, you will always be eating papayas that have not been able to fully “charge” themselves. Hence, to get the full nutritional benefits of papaya, you may be better off taking supplements. Papain, however, is found in not quite ripe papayas.

From Papaya Digestion, you will be able to buy both capsules and powder that have been specifically designed to make the most out of the enzymes in papaya. You would need to eat a large amount of papayas in order to get the same papaya health benefits as in these supplements.

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