The Taste of Papaya Fruit

The papaya originates from the fruit plant, Carica Papaya and is commonly grown in Belize and Mexico. The papaya fruit is known as a tropical fruit due to it only being grown in hot climates. The papaya fruit taste has been compared to that of a mango, only less tangy. That said people have also compared the papaya taste to that of a cantaloupe or pineapple. Some papaya consumers will even go on to compare it to coffee, only in that it is an acquired taste which does not really compare to any other fruit.

Ripened Papaya

When eating papaya it is essential you ensure that the fruit is ripe, the main misconception on the taste is when an individual eats a papaya that has not yet ripened. Papaya is also becoming popular as an alternative to breakfast with some people enjoying papaya with added honey, whereas others may mix papaya with other fruits which in turn offer a different taste sensation. Papaya has also proven popular in the making of smoothies, where it can be mixed with ice, orange juice and honey.

Nutrition in Papaya

A papaya fruit is a rich source of nutrients varying from pro-vitamin A, vitamin C and B vitamins. The papaya fruit and nutrition value are many, for example the skin of the papaya also contains phytochemicals (which contain an antioxidant quality which help stop oxidation reactions) and it also benefits the Endocrine system as it heavily contributes in producing more arginine. The tropical fruit also assists the digestive system thanks to the enzymes contained within the papaya.

The papaya also contains an amino acid called papain or papaya proteinase, this amino acid is crucial in producing the human growth hormones which also promotes cell rejuvenation and rebuilding cells in the liver, muscles and bones. The papaya fruit and nutrition value doesn't stop there, the nutrient facts of papaya shows it to have a positive effect in regenerating skin cells.

The nutrient facts of papaya also show papaya to have a further quality in making you feel cleansed and healthy once you have consumed the papaya fresh fruit for a period of time. The papaya fresh fruit also helps stop infection of the colon by the elimination of any pus or mucus, thus promoting the papaya fruit and nutrition value further. Should you be someone who suffers frequently from colds, papaya is very effective in preventing the cold virus due to its high vitamin C and vitamin A content. Papaya has also shown to be effective in promoting healthy hair and you shouldn't be surprised to see shampoo on the market containing papaya

Dried Papaya

Another variation of papaya is to try dried fruit papaya. Dried fruit papaya has become popular due to both its papaya fruit taste and the nutrients facts papaya has to offer. Dried papaya is also thought to act as an aphrodisiac as well as offering the antioxidant qualities of the papaya tropical fruit. Dried papaya can also be used to compliment meat dishes as well as being used in chutneys which can be used in sandwiches.

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