What Kind Of Papaya Enzyme Is Most Effective?

It is well known that papaya is a super fruit that contains enough vitamins and minerals to sustain a human body for a full day. In fact, you could probably live on nothing but papaya in your diet. However, this would make your daily diet very bland and not very varied, so this wouldn’t be recommended. The main enzyme in papaya is papain, which has some of the most amazing benefits known to man.

What Is Papain?

So what is papain? The papain enzyme is a cysteine enzyme and has many uses, including:
• Defibrinating wounds in medical institutions (papain urea)
• Clotting milk
• Reducing the viscosity and increasing the palatability of pet food
• Shrink proofing wool
• Treating stings
• Treating inflammatory processes
• Cleaning soft contact lenses
• Treating indigestion

Because it has so many uses, it is no wonder that it is such a valuable enzyme. It has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine in a variety of ways, including papain urea. For instance, it has been used to treat warts, boils and freckles. It has also been used to cause abortion in unwanted pregnancies. It is also a great way to expel roundworms and it can be used as salt or as a papain meat tenderizer.
In terms of abortion, this is a known papain side effect that has been used in both India and African countries such as Nigeria and Ghana. It is also possible to experience other papain side effects if you are allergic to papain. Hence, do be careful before you start using papain or even eating papaya.

The leaves of the papaya, which also contain papain, have been used as papain meat tenderizer. Besides this, they have been used as a laundry substitute. The leaves can also be smoked as an alternative to tobacco, which also seems to help against asthma.
Quite a number of these uses have been scientifically proven. For instance, a patient in London in 1977 had an infection after a kidney transplant. All medication to treat the infection had failed, but when strips of papaya were applied to the wound, the infection cleared within 48 hours.

Papain and Cancer Treatment

Within papaya, you can also find proteolytic enzymes. These have also been used in traditional and modern medicine. Current studies are taking place to review whether they can be used in the treatment and prevention of cancer. There is, at the very least, proof that combining papain with cymotrypsin and trypsin is beneficial in relieving the stresses caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It is not entirely clear yet how this works, but for cancer sufferers, the main issue is that it does work.
The main use for everyday people however is papain digestion. Papain digestion has been proven by medical professionals to work very well in treating ulcers, improving digestion, reducing indigestion and assisting in losing weight. It is a true miracle cure for a whole variety of things, in other words.

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