1. What is Papaya: Papaya ( Carica Papaya, L ) a tropical fruit grown in different parts of the world such as Hawaii, Southeast Asia, India, South America, Mexico. Papaya is a fruit which will ripen after being picked. The green papaya is known to have an abundance of latex which contains two enzymes: Papain and chymopapain which are proteolytic.

2. What is Papain: A milky juice of a unripe green papaya is the proteolytic enzyme Papain. This enzyme greatly resembles pepsin in the digestive action and is used in the preparation of various remedies.

3. Therapeutic uses of Papain: Internally it has a large use in the treatment of indigestion, since it transforms proteids into peptones and albumoses by its proteolytic power, and has been found of value n both gastric and intestinal indigestion.

4. What is Milk Clotting Units: Papain is a typical protein-digesting enzyme, and like other ferments of this class clots milk. The milk-clotting action of Papain has been investigated and can now be used as a method of measuring the quantity of enzyme in a solution. The clotting time of a given quantity of milk is inversely proportional to the quantity of enzyme; that is, the more enzyme added to the milk, the shorter the time required.

5. What are Enzymes: Enzymes are critical for life; they are the body’s labor force. Enzymes metabolize, digest and assimilate all substances entering the body. Enzymes are involved in moving muscles, nourishing nerves, stimulating brain function, and fighting off illness, infection and disease.

6. What are the Health Benefits of Green Papaya: The powerful one-two punch of chymopapain and papain together with the full range of phytonutrients in green papaya deliver a concentrated effective, natural digestive combination, covering a pH range of 1.6-12 ( very acidic to very alkaline ). Many digestive supplements work in only certain pH ranges and are inactivated during some phase of digestion Royal Tropics Green Papaya supplies a powerhouse of enzyme assistance throughout the digestive system.

7. Digestive System: During your lifetime, more than 40 tons of food will pass through your digestive tract. Data from the National Institute of Health and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention show well over 100 million Americans seek medical care for some form of digestive disease or disorder. Good health begins with good digestion.

8. Why Green Papaya Pineapple Bromelain Enhanced: This product is a combination of Green Papaya and the extract Bromelain. By including the Bromelain in this blend ( 450 mg Green Papaya Powder and 50 mg of Bromelain ) you get the combination of two powerful digestive enzymes. Bromelain is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that can be for conditions such as arthritis and for swelling of the nose and sinuses due to surgery or injury. Bromelain is used for bloating, gas and other digestive symptoms. With this combination Royal Tropics gives you a two for one punch.

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