180 count Papaya Capsules per bottle

180 count Papaya Capsules
450 mg per capsule 2 capsules either before breakfast or dinner or both.

Papaya is a tropical fruit, known for its soft texture, gorgeous taste, and juicy consistency. Trying to eat a ripe papaya without a knife and fork means you will be covered in papaya juices. Other than being an incredibly tasty fruit, it is also a fruit with many health benefits. Because of this, natural papaya products are a great way to sustain your health without having to resort to chemical products.

Health Benefits of Papaya

There are a range of health benefits associated with eating papaya, including:

• They protect against heart diseases
• They promote digestive health
• They have anti inflammatory properties
• They support the immune system
• They protect against macular degeneration
• They protect against rheumatoid arthritis
• They promote healthy lungs

It is clear why papaya is also known as a super fruit, with all these benefits!

What Are Green Papaya Capsules?

Green papaya capsules are capsules that have harvested all the awesome power of the green papaya fruit and provide you with all the health benefits of green papaya. They are recommended for people who are on a diet or who require support when fasting, for example for medical or religious reasons. Due to their high levels of enzymes, the green papaya capsules are an excellent aid to digestion. As they are produced in capsule form, you will get the highest levels of papain, which is the juice that comes from the green papaya. Taking papain allows your body to transform the proteins you take into peptones. Peptones are much easier to absorb into the bloodstream, which helps digestion.

How to Take Green Papaya Capsules

To experience all the benefits of green papaya capsules, you only need to take two per day, either before breakfast or before your evening meal. You can choose to take four per day, before breakfast and the evening meal. Each capsule contains 450 mg of green papaya extract, which is more than sufficient.

Through Papaya Digestion, you have the convenience of buying a smaller bottle containing 90 capsules. This is sufficient to last you for a month if you take just two a day, or two weeks if you take four a day. This is the perfect size to get used to the product and see how you like it.

Green Papaya Capsules Reviews

Many of our customers are incredibly happy with our products, demonstrated not just in the amount of returning customers we have, but also in the amount of referrals we receive each month. Some of the reviews include that they work incredibly well in solving digestive problems and relieving constipation. Many people who are involved in strenuous physical activity, such as marathon running, have also experienced the benefits of our products.

We pride ourselves on our happy and returning customers and take great pride in the fact that we have been able to assist them in improving their overall digestive health, whilst potentially also having a positive impact on the rest of their physiology, including heart disease and increasing their immune systems.

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